Rob Breton

Candidate for 
​Windham School Board
Mobile: 978-866-1071


​​We support Rob Breton for Windham School Board.
Rob Breton possesses the integrity, compassion and perspective necessary to be an effective member of our School Board.  Rob has consistently taken a pragmatic and thoughtful approach to address the pressing concerns we now face including the critical School expansion projects. Over the last three years, Rob has consistently:

  • Brought a steady hand to the School Board.  He is universally recognized as solutions-oriented  and collaborative
  • Demonstrated leadership on tough issues.  His votes have reflected the balance between minimizing the tax burden on our community while still maximizing the quality of education for our kids
  • Displayed a forward-thinking approach to the role. 

Rob has been a pillar of the community for many years, and has a vested interest in the long-term success of the school system. With two active and three former students in the Windham Public Schools, Rob has shown that he is dedicated and passionate about our schools and ready to make responsible choices for our future. We support Rob Breton for School Board and ask that other Windham citizens take the opportunity to get to know Rob and his positions.  We are at a critical juncture concerning the future of education in Windham and your educated vote is important.  Please vote Rob Breton for School Board.
Joe & Jess Miller


Rob Breton Has A Vested Interest in Windham Schools

Rob has a long history of being involved in the Windham school district.  We have known Rob and his family since we moved to town over six years ago.  In that time, we have seen Rob and his family actively be involved with the town and school district, and serving the community is an integral part of who they are.  Rob has always been devoted to his 5 children and our community.  He became involved over twenty years ago, starting with coaching of his older children's sports teams when they were little and now with his two younger children.  When the opportunity arose to run for the Windham School Board 3 years ago, Rob saw this as another chance to yet again get involved and help our children, our town and the school district.  He wanted to be part of the solution, improving the educational experience for all.
Rob has worked tirelessly on the School Board, being the steady, open-minded, and level-headed individual playing an integral part on the board.  Having attended and viewed many board meetings over the past several years, I can unmistakably say that Rob has been a beacon of light on the board.  Many school board meetings have been somewhat tedious and unruly at times and it was Rob who has always been  the pragmatic, , considerate, fair, calming force continually moving the meetings forward. He has also been instrumental in giving parents a greater understanding and perspective by welcoming them into the worlds of their children's classroom via leading technology.  This enabled parents to get a better grasp of the curriculum and the new teaching methods to enable them to help their children with the learning experience at home.

Rob will make a wonderful contribution and continued service to the Windham School Board.  He has already demonstrated his love and commitment to the education of our Windham students and our community.  Rob is a dedicated father, pragmatic, problem solver who we are proud to call a friend. Please join us in supporting Rob Breton for School Board.

Gordon Bean & Greer Ross


Dear Windham Residents,

I am writing to express my wholehearted support for Rob Breton as he seeks re-election on our Windham School Board this March. I first met Rob and his wonderful family when he and I ran for school board three years ago; from day one I was impressed with his passion for our school district and the children that it serves. He always has a positive attitude and operates with a levelheaded professionalism that is a rare trait with local board members anywhere. Rob not only promised three years ago to be an advocate for our children but also to be a responsible fiscal fiduciary for all residents of Windham, a very difficult line to walk. He has not only fulfilled both of those promises and walked that line in a fair, balanced and nonpartisan way, he has done so with absolute impartiality and independencehis voting record proves that.Our school district faces some of the same challenges that it did three years ago, such as facility capacity with the residential density growth but more recent additional issues as well, including administrator turnover and fiscal control issues. Rob has always been the voice of reason in expressing his concern, opinions and solutions on any issue. I am confident that Rob will continue to deliver results for our school district in cooperation with district leadership and to resolve these issues in a well-managed and responsible way. The entire school board would be prudent to heed Robs direction more often and I look forward to Robs turn to serve as chairperson of the school board. I would like to thank Rob for his service over the last three years and especially for his willingness to run for another term. We need him to continue his efforts to maintain and build upon the quality of public education in Windham. Id also like to thank his family for sacrificing so much quality time with Rob as he serves our school district, especially his wife Holly who is just as committed to public in education in Windham as Rob is.

Please join me in voting to re-elect Rob Breton to a second term on the Windham School Board at this years Town Meeting Day.

Justin Paré


Endorsement to Re-Elect Rob Breton for School Board

Dear Windham Neighbors and Friends,

We enthusiastically support the re-election of Rob Breton for the Windham School Board.
For the past three years, Rob Breton has served on the school board and has demonstrated the integrity, perspective, and a steady presence needed to move Windham forward. Rob takes a pragmatic approach to address the pressing concerns we face regarding school over-crowding and lack of athletic fields. He supports solutions that are fiscally responsible and does his best to ensure minimal tax burden while still maximizing the quality of education that has been a hallmark of Windham.We have had the pleasure of working directly with Rob and he consistently showed commitment and resolve to deliver results. Rob is liked and well-respected in our community where he raised three children with two more coming up in the Windham school system. He understands first-hand the important issues we face.

We confidently support Rob Breton's re-election for School Board and ask that you take the opportunity to get to know Rob and his positions as we are at a critical juncture concerning the future of education in Windham.   
Dan and Joan Potter


Windham Residents,

I wanted to write this letter in support of my friend Rob Breton for reelection to the Windham NH School Board.  There are so many reasons why Rob should be reelected as he has done an outstanding job in first term.  He continues to be the voice of reason among the different personalities/individuals within the school board and consistently makes decisions with the best interest of the students in mind.  He also possesses such great personal traits such as... calmness, professionalism, caring and sensibility.  These traits are evident in the way in which he makes decisions related to all things school board related. 
Lastly, I have personally known Rob for over 10 years and in that time I have seen him raise 5 wonderful children (just ask anyone who knows the Breton family). For these reasons and so many others, Rob should absolutely be reelected to the Windham School Board as there really is no better suited school board candidates.

Chuck DiPrima



Please Vote Rob Breton
Friends and neighbors please indulge me a moment.  We have all had to endure WAY more political conversation/debate than I suspect any of us "signed up for" in the past 6 months.
This is NOT about politics - this is about civil service.  I have watched Rob Breton's behavior on the school board since he was first elected.  There have been many times when I have agreed with him and frankly more than a few when I have disagreed with him.  But what I can tell you with absolute certainty is that every turn Rob invested his time, energy, and intellect into making the best and most reasoned decision for the students and taxpayers of Windham.
At the end of the day - what more could we possibly ask for.  For me it is simple, if he is ready to do three more years I cannot think of anyone I would rather have in his place.

John Hollinger