Rob Breton

Candidate for 
​Windham School Board
Mobile: 978-866-1071

​​Three years ago, I was honored and humbled to be elected to serve as a member of your School Board. In the ensuing three years, despite some challenges, so much has been accomplished. We've passed budgets, teacher and Administrator contracts, assembled a District Administration team with decades of experience in District improvement, and created an all encompassing District facilities plan to solve our overcrowding AND update the facilities to be commensurate with modern learning. I have put my focus on the classroom, and have helped to provide opportunity for our parents to see and hear what and how our students are being taught (please take a look at our "WSD Curriculum Channel" on YouTube!). I have supported initiatives to provide the expanded use of technology in the classroom, which is now as essential as books and the other tools of traditional learning. 

It has been an honor to have served with Dennis Senibaldi, Ken Eyring, Daniel Popovici-Mueller, Tom Murray, as well as Jerome L. Rekart and Mike Joanis. What a wide range of perspectives and areas of expertise--I have learned much from all of them.

I have tried to be a calm and steadying presence on the Board, and have stayed focused on what is best for the students with an eye toward the impact on taxes. 

As excited as I was three years ago, I am even more excited about what can be done to continue to provide a top notch education to our children, in facilities equipped for 21st century learning, delivered by the best educators in the business. I will continue to focus on initiatives that move the needle for our students and provide value for the voters of Windham. Beyond our overcrowding (hopefully solved this March with your help at the polls), we need to establish a long term athletic facilities plan to address adding much needed fields, updating others, and providing opportunity for all of our athletic programs to host athletic events safely and with pride. 

I have three requests for your consideration.

1. Please do all that you can to educate yourselves and your friends and neighbors about the pressing issues in our schools and the solutions the Board, citizen committees, and Administration have created. Call me, email or private message me, stop me at the grocery store--I'm here to work with you and FOR you and our students.

2. Get to the polls in March and vote. Encourage your neighbors to do the same--widespread participation is vital!

3. Please consider voting to allow me to serve you for one more term. I want to see our facilities project through and continue to work with the community, my fellow Board members, and this Administration to enhance the educational opportunities we provide to the students of Windham. Then as now, it is all about our children, our future.

Thank you all!